Find out how well you know the
The Single Franchise Stars of the 20th Century!


Total score possible: 35 points 


1. Who is the youngest ever American League batting champion?

A. Robin Yount

B. Ted Williams

C. Al Kaline

D. Joe DiMaggio

2. Who was the first shortstop to have at least 30 home runs and 30 steals in a single season?

A. Robin Yount

B. Cal Ripken, Jr.

C. Barry Larkin

D. Alan Trammell

3. Which of the following single-franchise hitters did NOT finish their major league career with at least a .330 batting average? (1 point for each correct answer- 1 point off for each incorrect answer)

A. Tony Gwynn

B. Joe DiMaggio

C. Ted Williams

D. Bill Terry

4. Which of these single franchise stars never played in the minor leagues? (1 point for each correct answer- 1 point off for each incorrect answer)

A. Robin Yount

B. Ernie Banks

C. Mel Ott

D. Sandy Koufax

5. Which pitcher was throwing in the major leagues before he graduated from high school and is the first pitcher to win 20 games before he turned 21?

A. Larry Christenson

B. Red Faber

C. Don Wilson

D. Bob Feller

6. Who is the only man to play in the Little League World Series, the College World Series, the Olympic Games, the World Baseball Classic and the Major League World Series?

A. Rich Dauer

B. Craig Biggio

C. Barry Larkin

D. Jason Varitek

7. Which player has more career hits than Derek Jeter’s 3,465 total?

A. Honus Wagner

B. Willie Mays

C. Stan Musial

D. Tony Gwynn

8. True or False: Walter Johnson holds the standard for number of 1-0 wins (38) as well as 1-0 losses (27)?

9. Which men below never played any other position than backstop in their Major League Baseball careers? (1 point for each correct answer- 1 point off for each incorrect answer)

A. Johnny Bench

B. Mike Scioscia

C. Bill Dickey

D. Thurman Munson

10. Who has the highest career World Series batting average with 50 or more at-bats?

A. Derek Jeter

B. Pepper Martin  

C. Mickey Mantle

D. Jackie Robinson

11. Who is the ONLY major league player to see combat in two wars?               

A. Ted Williams

B. Jerry Coleman

C. Cecil Travis

D. Bob Feller

12. Which of these did NOT win the Rookie of the Year award? (1 point for each correct answer- 1 point off for each incorrect answer) 

A. Bob Allison

B. Gil McDougald

C. Rico Petrocelli

D. Jim Gilliam

13.  Who is the ONLY major leaguer ever to die as a result of a thrown pitch?

A. Ross “Pep” Youngs

B. Johnny Mostil

C. Ray Chapman

D. Earle Combs

14. Who is the all-time leader in winning percentage among hurlers with at least 100 victories?

A. Mel Parnell  

B. Whitey Ford

C. Addie Joss

D. Spud Chandler

15. Which pitcher had the highest career batting average in Major League Baseball history?

A. Fred Hutchison

B. Bob Lemon

C. Walter Johnson

D. Don Drysdale

16. Who is the man with the most All-Star selections (11) by an eligible player NOT in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

A. Jeff Bagwell

B. Don Mattingly

C. Edgar Martinez

D. Bill Freehan

17. Which of these players grew up in the same hometown as the team they later played for? (1 point for each correct answer- 1 point off for each incorrect answer)

A. Kent Hrbek

B. Ron Oester

C. Frank White

D. Lou Gehrig

18. Which ballplayer who played shortstop predominantly throughout his career has the most career hits?  

A. Derek Jeter

B. Cal Ripken

C. Honus Wagner

D. Luke Appling

19. Who had the highest career On-Base Percentage – Ted Williams or the tainted Barry Bonds? _______________________

20. Who is the only major league star to be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame with less than ten years of playing tenure?

A. Roy Campanella

B. Ross “Pep” Youngs

C. Addie Joss

D. Jackie Robinson

21. Which pitcher holds the major league mark of for consecutive victories with 24?

A. Carl Hubbell

B. Sandy Koufax

C. Walter Johnson

D. Whitey Ford

22. Which duo partnered to become the longest standing continuous double-play combo in baseball history?

A. Gene Alley and Bill Mazeroski

B. Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker

C. Phil Rizzuto and Jerry Coleman

D. Pee Wee Reese and Jackie Robinson

23. Which one of these single franchise players won the most Rawlings Gold Gloves?

A. Al Kaline

B. Roberto Clemente  

C. Carl Yastrzemski

D. Brooks Robinson

24. Hooks Wiltse set the Major League record for Most Consecutive Games Won to start a career in 1904. Which Sacramentan tied that mark?   ________________________

25. Which single franchise pitcher is the only hurler to lead his league in ERA five consecutive years?

A. Sandy Koufax

B. Bob Gibson

C. Walter Johnson

D. Bob Feller

26. Which single franchise star has the highest career batting average, starting his career after World War II?

A. George Brett                 

B. Todd Helton                 

C. Tony Gwynn                 

D. Kirby Puckett                    

27. Who is the ONLY 20th century Baseball Hall of Famer to start his career as a hitter and make the Hall of Fame as a pitcher?

A. Walter Johnson

B. Stan Musial

C. Bob Lemon

D. Babe Ruth

28. Who is the ONLY eligible player with 20 years tenure with one franchise exclusively who is NOT in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

A. Lou Whitaker

B. Mel Harder

C. Chipper Jones

D. Mariano Rivera